June 18, 2013

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Help! My Skin is so dry!

November 5, 2013

Have trouble with dry itchy “winter skin”? Itchy dry skin is a very common skin problem that tends to give some people more trouble in colder weather months, when humidity is low. There are many easy, efficient home remedies for dry skin that can help this common skin problem that affects almost everyone at some time or another. When skin becomes dehydrated, it loses its flexibility and becomes cracked, scaly, and sometimes itchy. Your skin needs moisture to stay smooth and supple. You can effectively address dry skin concerns with a few easy strategies.
Look for face cleaners that have extra amounts of oil such as lanolin, cocoa butter, or coconut oil added. Harsh soaps can quickly strip away your skin's protective oils. One of the biggest problems people have with dry type skin stems from harsh soap especially deodorant soaps, and antibacterial soaps.
Moisturize your skin. Dry skin problems result when there is not enough water in the skin and the moisture is allowed to escape. An effective dry skin remedies simple use of moisturizers for dry skin will usually take care of most problems. A wide variety of dry skin lotion and creams are available to smooth out our skin and provide a seal over your skin to keep water from escaping, adding moisture and keeping it moist and dewy.
Use a humidifier if you live in a dry climate. Central heating and air conditioning can play a part in drying your skin.
Protect yourself from the harsh winds, and cold temperatures. The cold, harsh dry air of winter is one of the most common causes of dry facial skin. In general, your skin is driest in winter, when temperatures and humidity levels plummet.
Finally, my number one tip for any skin issue, HYDRATE. Our skin is our largest organ, but it is also the last part of our body to receive nourishment from our food and water. Make sure to up your water intake throughout the winter months to combat the elements from the inside out.

“I never wear makeup… But I want this!”

August 12, 2013

Oh dear.. how those words scare me. In my head I’m thinking of the very best and the very worst scenarios. My face shows smiles and my hands, well, have crossed fingers behind my back. Ok Lisa, just jump in!
Starting at the beginning, the truth is, I absolutely love transformations and makeovers or just new looks that people really want to try for the first time. I love the look on peoples face when you turn them around and they see themselves for the first time. “Wow! I can’t believe I look like this!” that’s a great feeling to not only give someone, but to know that you are responsible for. How to decide what will suit and compliment a person’s face and what wont is actually pretty easy once you know what to look for. About 75% of the time, people have pictures to show what they would ideally like to have done to themselves. This usually happens when it’s a new look to try. (I love pictures for guidelines). One thing I cannot stress enough is to make sure you look at the makeup and try to imagine what it would look like if you saw someone in real life wearing it. Fuchsia pink and black with 3inch long eyelashes and winged eyeliner that touched the eyebrow, probably looks great on a model who’s sitting in a black chair just glaring her eyes into a camera for an editorial shot, but imagine you saw a woman in a beautiful dress sitting across from you at a wedding wearing that. I guarantee you will be talking about her makeup at some point and chances are it won’t be anything good. Think real life when choosing a look you like. Also, try and pick something where the model/celebrity has similar skin tones and eye colours as you do. It will give you a better idea of how it will appear on you. Probably the most important is to remember, you need to like the makeup and not the celebrity. Just because you do your makeup exactly like Jennifer Lopez, does not mean you are going to look like her.
​Trying out new looks can be fun and a great way to show off your personal style. Be open to new options and remember, if in doubt, wash it off. Its only makeup after all.



July 17, 2013

Red lips to me are that extra accessory that just finishes off an outfit. Not everyone is comfortable wearing a red lip, but that’s mainly because they are not used to seeing themself in something bold, as opposed to it not actually looking good on them. Of course, there are right ways and wrong ways to wear a red lip, but like all other makeup, play around and find out what works for you. One thing to note, there isn’t one perfect shade of red for everyone, but let’s be honest, we can all spot the ‘not’. I know in my case, olive skin suits warmer deep tones of red however, it doesn’t mean I won’t throw on a beautiful orange red if my outfit screams for it, I usually opt for a coral since it looks great against olive completion. Lighter skin tones look great when working with harmonious tones. Fair skin with yellow undertones looks softer with cool reds, but switch that up to a warm red and you get a statement! Same goes for fair skin with warm undertones. About that, oh so perfect bronzed skin.. how we all envy you! Go ahead and wear anything, we all know you can’t go wrong. Warm skin stones tend to work well with cool reds, my fav! I love what a blue-red does to a warm complexion. The contrast makes for a luxurious look. What I have noticed is, it’s not the actual colour, whether it is a true red, blue-red or orange red, but how bright the colour is against the skin that will ultimately determine how much the colour will stand out.
I get asked often about lip liner, should I wear it? Do I need it? The answer is, yes and no, for both. Liner is great to prevent your lipstick from bleeding out; it defines the lip line and also acts as a backup for when your lipstick wears off. Having said that, I rarely recommend matching the lip liner to the lip stick. What I would suggest is wearing a liner that matches your actual lip colour. It will blend into any lipstick you’re wearing and when the colour wears off, you’re not left with a coloured line rimming your lips. When and why I would suggest you don’t need lip liner is when the look you are trying to achieve is casual. A ‘wear and go’ look should be easy and less fussy. Also, when youth is on your side (no this doesn’t last forever), you probably still have a great lip line, free of fine lines and imperfections so you can get away without having to perfect the natural line.  
Lip stick, lip gloss, lip stain, lip balm… how do you choose?
My final suggestion, get yourself to your favourite makeup counter and play around. Nothing will help you to discover your perfect red more than trying them on. Keep your options open. Sometimes the texture of a red lipstick can be intimidating but there are tons of options, glosses, stains, tints, matte, sheer and glazes. Who knows, maybe you were meant for red after all!
Have fun! 

To Veil or Not to Veil?

June 25, 2013

I recently was involved in a conversation with a few girls, engaged and single. Of course, the topic of conversation… weddings! The focus was on, wearing a veil on your wedding day. Surprisingly, everyone’s first reaction to it was, ‘Nope! I’m not wearing one’. Go figure, one of the most iconic entities to the ‘Bridal image’ and overall wedding day picture, and no one wants to wear it. I can’t help but wonder what it is, too old fashioned? Too Traditional? Maybe just ugly?
Before I started writing, I Googled ‘wedding veil’ and the history of the wedding veil came up on Wikipedia. It’s actually pretty interesting to see different cultural views and reasons for them. We all know the white dress symbolizes purity, but the veil has a very similar meaning. Does this mean only the Virgin Marys among us should be wearing a veil? *as I roll my eyes* According to my mom, the wise lady that she is, says “Wearing white should still be a symbol of purity, but to be pure at heart. To know that you are promising yourself to another person, who you will ONLY be with for the rest of your life”, told you she was smart!
​The one girl among us, who was engaged and purchased her dress, went on to tell us that she too thought she didn’t want a veil. That is until she put it on! I’ve seen this before many times. Something happens when you place it on your head. It’s usually the part when you get the ‘O.M.G.’ feeling. Before that you’re just wearing a wedding dress. It could be cathedral with a 3 yard train, or a cute bird cage that just sits short of your chin, nothing completes the look and gives you that bridal moment quite like the bridal veil.
Soo… To veil or not to veil? try it on and let me know!

Check the ‘Tips’ page for more veil info.

The 5 Minute Skin Care Routine

June 18, 2013

Ah, skin care.. The dreaded regimen. This is where the esthetician in me shines! Let’s be real, not everyone has 30 minutes to spend on skin care every day, but do we really need to go that far? Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize, three of my favourite words! These 3 things will give you the most benefits in the smallest amount of time. Now I’m not giving you the 'ok' to never pick up a toner or face masque again, but with a total of 5 minutes a day spent solely on your face, this is one routine I can promise won’t be one you drop after 2 days.

 * 2 Steps for a 2 Minute Morning 
Step 1
 - Double Cleanse! The first cleanse is to clean away the dirt and sweat that accumulates through the night (remember to change pillow cases often, they are dirt and oil harvesters) The second cleanse is to clean the actual skin of impurities.
Step 2 – Moisturize! A pea sized amount of moisturizer can be massaged into the skin to maintain the skins natural moisture. This is what helps to keep the skin soft supple and hydrated!

 * 3 Steps and 3 Minutes to End the Day
Step 1 – Double cleanse. Again, first to clean away makeup and daily dirt build up. Second, to cleanse the skin.
Step 2 – Exfoliate! I personally prefer a gentler exfoliator that is used daily, but if your exfoliator is for 2-3 times a week usage, follow this step as recommended. This is what will go deep into the skin to take off any dead skin cells or left over dirt that binds to the skin. Also, it will help prevent breakouts and it promotes new cell renewal, in turn, reducing wrinkles and ageing skin.
Step 3 – Moisturize. Often I recommend a specified night time moisturizer. This could be a heavier moisturizer or even an oil based. These products usually contain active ingredients. Its here where you can give your skin that extra boost without the fear of having to walk around with a shiny face.

Hope you enjoy my super easy 5 minute daily skin care routine. Try it and you'll love it!